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The Evolution of Sam
The Supercilious Ways of Walter Wading:
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created by SPARK theater + dance


What if the home you were familiar with was suddenly torn from you and you were sent drifting? Hundreds of teens in Minnesota  are currently set adrift in group and foster homes, waiting for a place to land. HOME is an original production by SPARK theater + dance about MN teens waiting to be adopted and the journey toward home. SPARK uses their style of physical theater to weave a poetic narrative inspired by Homer’s Odyssey around the video interviews of actual teens in the foster care system while taking the audience through an immersive experience to get a glimpse into a life that is seeking home.

The Evolution of Sam


written by Corey Mills


Follow Sam’s evolution from monkey to man and back again as he looks for love in all the wrong places. A very physical solo show that asks, “Is it really all about survival of the fittest?”

The Supercilious Ways of Walter Wading


written by Corey Mills

Supercilious meets super-silliness when Walter's usual path through the woods leads him to the most unusual surprise!



written by K. Thomas Whitby, T. James Belich, and Corey Mills

Three writers struggle toward collaboration when all their worst ideas spring to life on the empty stage.  In a comedic collision that roars from the page to the stage and beyond, the writers' lives are hijacked by the hilarious nightmares of  their own imaginations.

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