SPARK Artist Spotlight: Joann Oudekerk

It's time for another artist spotlight! SPARK's Artistic Directors Corey and Betsy first met Joann while working on Open Window Theatre's production of 'Everyman.'

Joann has been told that no one emotes quite like her. Whilst she fills her days with a wide repertoire of facial expressions, Joann spends most of her time Chef-ing at Forepaugh's Restaurant in St. Paul. She received her BFA in Theatre Performance from Viterbo University and has since worked with companies such as Underdog Theatre, Open Window Theatre, Green T Productions, Sparkle Theatricals, Live Action Set and Park Square Theatre. Her most favorite things include eating, happy dancing as a result from eating, making lists, crossing things off said lists, hugging people, a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc (or not that good, she's not picky) and above all, doing handstands.

When we asked her what sparks her creativity, Joann replied, “My creativity is sparked by the opportunity to create work that leaves an audience with conversation, curiosity and motivation.”

Come see Joann in SPARK’s upcoming production ‘Home’!

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