We are looking for volunteers for our current project, Colors in Motion. Would you be willing to help us in one of these ways? 

Publicity Volunteer 

Work on your own time to help us spread the word via social media, email, postings, etc.


Event Host

Be present in the small lobby to greet guests, answer questions, encourage guests to sign-up for our mailing list, watch donation basket, help set-up refreshments for after the showing. After the showing, supervise refreshment table, clean-up, etc.

Tear Down/Cleaning Crew

Help fold chairs and carry to storage closet, carry 40 lb pieces of plywood (4'X4') by yourself or with a partner (if you need a partner, could you please help recruit one?), move platform stands, and sweep/mop space. Theater director will lead process.


We are looking for skilled carpenters to work alongside Corey in constructing a wood, oversized easel with padded feet. Tools in use may include power tools (saws, sanders, drills) and hand tools. Paint/stain/poly may be involved.

If you would like to volunteer at our next event, please contact us. 
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